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Friday, August 21, 2009

Recap To The Hikayat...


Salam to All Bloggers,Freinds and Followers,

Yes,i know. Its been a day,or a week. No new post, no new entry. But,trust me.. Aku mencari kekuatan,untuk itu. And, what have i faced was damn develish..! Im just giving myself a lil' time so that i can addopt the environment itself,but it was damn hard,damn! And damn its hurt..

Meanwhile, through all the past few days, i've been facing new HIKAYAT in my life. Yet,the Hikayat not to be told as the so~called mourning in my pages is'nt over yet. Duhh..!!

In fact, I know lotsa my friends has done their very good job in order to make me CHEER for all those days. Credit to first and foremost, Cik Oyah,Luzra,Cik Mawar Sejati,Cik 301, Cu Anne,Kak Wiewie, without them all,i dont know, mybe im just stayed at home, crying all over again, or perhaps i've been hospitalized for doing such a fool thingy [owkey,not to be mentioned here,guys..], or should i say " Bye Shah Alam,and nice to stayed here for all these while..".

Talking craps 'bout the Hikayat i've facing, its all gimme A LOT of experience, A BUNCH of lessons, and perhaps the coming next 2 or 3 month, would be my sorrow as a part of my life. But Hey, Gimme sum time. I'll fix that one clearly, without any harmness i made up. Well, ya'know..Just a lil' rebellous in my heart and my mind, i think that's enough though.

Owh,this would be a long~long entry,i guess. Because lotsa thing happened. Owkey then, lets just ignore the so~called Hikayat for a moment. I knew, i've been through a lot, i've been crying a lot, and i've been dissapointed too much. But, LIFE MUST GO ON,rite guys..?? Ehee..

Owkey, lets us recap to the days after the tornado [Oucchh, its touche] smashed my life last week. And, Err the fact that, im not eating..?? Or im just crying..?? None of that was the best part. Damn! And, yah,talking and chatting with Cik Oyah. [she understand me a lot,than ever you know..!! Azie,aku sayang ko taw..ngeee..], went out for lunch [yes,i ate.. despite of the pills i've taken..Opssiee!!] with Cik 301, Cu Anne and Kak Wie. [they are so understanding,and let me calm myself before the story was revealed..aku sayang korang jugak taw..], you guys are rock,i tell you that.. !!

And owh,last friday. And that was never expected. Im just trying to find myself back, i want to heal myself as the miserable in my head turning into pathethic situation. Hate myself when this happened, hate when its turn into migrain, that i felt like a steamroll and rolled off my head, damn!

Then, meeting Cik Oyah on the climax, she helped me, trying to find myself back. She sad, and she sory for me, never expect things like this could happened to me, and the truth is im sO sad. "..Its just happened, I can't get him back..". And we knew that this thing cannot be undone. "..Be brave Ain.." she said. "..I try to be, but it's hard.." i replied. And apart of it, tears are my best freind at time.

Im not trying to put myself in a poor condition, i mean, yes everybody has a problems. And for me, I love to write,and I'd love to share with my freinds. Because I can't get through this alone. But after all, I know I have to handle it, I need to face it. And somehow, I end up alone. I know it,..All i need is Time. Man,Its hard!!!

"..I know how you're feelings rite now, I know I did'nt feel it myself, but trust me. He was'nt good enough for you. Be Brave.." [Cik Oyah]

"..Be patient, mybe there's someone who are better than him, meant to you.." [Cik 301, Cu Anne and Kak Wie]

Haih ~ - ~...

Owkey,thats what happened, i mean my New Hikayat after this. There are some more,and i will post it later on, after working on the editor. Yah,its a pictures,here and there,been there and done that. Hence,i've got plenty of pics.

The thing is, can i forget for what just happened?? And the answer is, I WILL...Insyaallah..!!


Its Friday today, 21st August, 2009. Another couple hours, Im turning 24 years old this year. Insyaallah and Alhamdulillah,Im still alive then. Since the sorrowful, I managed to think. Owh,there are a lot of things that I want to do..! Lots of thing! But, Im not gonna write it down.. Takkan lah sampai nak tulis ape yang aku kene buat lepas ni, but hopefully it will doing just fine. I hope.

Yet,its hard to accept the situation whereby there are nobody i wants to talk to, nobody to lean on, and nobody that makes me laugh,again and again. Somehow, the memory remain. I admit it.

Or should i say, the memory remain in my mind, but i will slowly get rid off it. I just want to ignore'em till they fade away. And when i wake up in the morning, i just want to look at the mirror and keep on shining, starting a new life, new day and new spirit.

Its just like the days, an old days passes, new day arrives. And the important thing is to make it meaningful, a meaningful day...=)


Dear fellows,

"..Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Semoga di Berkati, dan Memperoleh Rahmat di Bulan Yang Mulia ini.,.,.."

Lots of Love,


•·.·´¯`·.·• naDDy •·.·´¯`·.·• said...

setiap orang ada masalah dan masalah tu mematangkan kita.mungkin kita menangis arini, tapi gembira di masa depan.

kumbang bukan sekor.cube cari kat tempat banyak bunga.mesti ade kumbang.hehehe

kakuna_daisy said...

Dear Naddy,

ngee...nk kene carik kumbang lain la pulak..huhuh...

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan.

oranglidi said...

hahaha.. berputar belit lidah wa nak baca hehehe... dahla wa x reti inglish cik kakuna oi. hehehe..

yg penting mulakan hari lu dgn ceria! hehe..

slamat puasa!

kakuna_daisy said...


erk..?? alamak ai..sowy la oranglidi. heheh..nnti wa bagi trasnlation..ehee..
maseh orang lidi,harap lepas ni lagi ceria. hehe..

Selamat berpuasa jugak!!

triple x malaya said...

salam ramadhan dari daku...

bias® said...

yup. hopefully...

kakuna_daisy said...

triple X,

salam ramadhan jugak..



cik 301 said...

aku cayang ko jugak.. dlm masa 3 hari ni macam2 yg terjadi ain.. i in strok i thing.. kejutan minda sekarangni.. otak aku kejang jew rasanya...

kakuna_daisy said...

stop..!! jgn kejang dlu...ko nak exam kan...huhuh..sabor2...bulan2 pose nih...haih..dugaan..