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Thursday, February 25, 2010

hikayat 120 - Bla Bla Bla...

Mengantok. Tu je yang boleh di ungkap. Esok baru start cuti, tapi hari ni dan semalam masuk keje lambat. Sebab?? Bos takde. Miahahaha...

Aku kat pantry, bekpes. Dah jadi rutin cenggitu,sebelom masuk keje bekpes dulu.

"..Yeke, itu la..Akan pun same...Anak akak bla bla bla.."

"..Haah,anak Yah pun same jugak kak..Yah cakap bla bla bla.."

Ah sudah...Diorang start dah.....

"..OO,Tie pulak lain. Anak Tie bla bla bla bla..."

"...Hahahaha...Itu la pasal..Bla bla bla.."

Aku duduk tersengih sumbing Musang Si Gantang je melayan karenah dan pengumaman akak-akak ofis aku ni. Diorang tanye aku macam macam. Gaya aku ni macam orang beranak 3 ke????? Cis...!! Gua macam nak rebel je. Pesen ape punye topik perbincangan pun gua tak tau.

Aku syak la,kalau 2 3 tahun lagi aku kat sini, pesen perbualan aku pun buleh jadi ke arah camni!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hikayat 119 - Lesson #4

"..Feel Happy! Feel free to reconcile with environment and your surrounding. Feel free to rejuvinate with bad things happened earlier. Feel free to let go off your feelings. Feel free to heal your mind and soul again and again. Feel free to scream. Scream now...!!!! Feeling better,huh..? .."


Friday, February 19, 2010

hikayat 118 - Lesson #3

"..Always put your family first ..! Never be a back stabber and always put you happiness on the top of it so that you have an aim AND desire; ie you're giong to reach it and most important; believe in it! And eventually, you'll said it many many times to yourself the same old thing at all time - I DID IT.."

Note : Its 19th Februray,2010,.

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday..

May Allah bless you and long live. I know im not such a gOOd dauhgter i've been for the past 25 years back, but the best i can do..Is to make you happy at all time and when you're smile at me whenever i reached home every single weekends and consider it as - homesick!

I dont know how many times and dont even realize if i ever hurt you - with those words and talks and actions. But all i did for all these while is to make you happy and smile.

Long live Dad. I love you. This is the best i can do - Wishing you in my page - and your early call this morning tease my heart and tears are all over my eyes. I love you Dad,again and again, for all my life.

Thanks for those you have done before - till i got here,im 25 and I hope its not too late to appologize for those things i've done before. I love you Dad.Again and again..For all my life.

Enough said.

"..Happy 55th Birthday, my Dad.."


Thursday, February 18, 2010

hikayat 117 - A Journey To Remember..

I leave out all the rest..

note : I was there - Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan from 5.36 am,dated ...err..[syhh...] until the Sun rised.. Approximately 7.02 am. It was damn beautiful..MasyaAllah...! The reason for being there....? Nah,leave it as a secret..
note : I am so to do this again,next other time.. I will! Who are so into it..?Anyone..? Raise you hands up...! Heheeh...

hikayat 116 - Tell Me, How Man Supposed To Live..?

"..Neomasculine - A type of guys who dare to confess/admit mistakes and form an appology. A type of modern man who can/able to admit if they needs help from a woman if they have conflicts/matters arrised wether personal or vise versa.."

note : Its rare to find A GUY like this though..[sigh]....[^_^`]..


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hikayat 115 - Lesson #2

"..Always feel free when you get up early in the morning and when you walked out of home to go to work - instead of mourning and glooming; ie you would never believe what will happen afterwads, and hell yeah....Smile then...!.."


hikayat 114 - I Being More Matured Day After Day...At Last!

Salam to all bloggers,

Howdy Guys!

Tajuk di atas means vise versa. Got what i meant..? Yeahhh...

Good Morning Shah Alam..! Or Heppy New Year to all chinesse. V-day,.,.? Nahh..! Fuck! Are you insane? Aku nak ucap Valentine kat sape??!! Gulp!

Back to work. Back to this so~call Lembah.. After 4 days public holiday plus 1 day annual leave. That would count,dont they..? Hahaha.

And all the good times...Just keep on coming..Perfectly just in time. Ahhhh....


Thursday, February 11, 2010

hikayat 113 - Separa Sedar/Di Atas Normal

Salam to all bloggers..

Howdy guys..

Hari ni perkara pertama yang aku buat pagipagi adalah ON MY OWN BLOG selain daripada winamp,outlook dan netscape mail.. Agak terkesima jugak mulamula. Why was that??

Oww.,.,Patot la..Rutin ni dah agak lama aku tinggalkan. Patut la rasa lain.

[Gatal betol hidung aku ni, tak tau nak garu camne lagi. .!! adess..!]

Err, im off to my hometown this evening whereby im-going-to-take-mc-tomorrow .. Nasty..?? Nahh,leave it to me then..

And emm... At last, aku tau jugak kenyataan nye yang aku ni hanyalah melukut di tepian gantang..Sila la kasihani aku.. Sila la... [>_<]...!!

And oww,Good morning Shah Alam...!!


hikayat 112 - Lesson #1

"..Admit it even if it was'nt your fault of not-letting-your-bos-know ie; he already knew that the place of meeting has been changed; in other way - your boss are earlier well known via sms/call ; i.e you are the victim to be blame on..! S***!!..."


hikayat 111 - Same Ol' Me!

howdy guys,

Back to the path.. I mean, old lame path.. Yeah... Its been a days...Should i said weeks actually..?? Apparently, A lot to learn. A lots to face. A lot to rejuvinated. Heal myself. Heal the surrounding. Heal everything. I wish i were in the plane right now, off to a place where people dont bother... I used to dream of where would the place i could be insted of this Lembah Shah Alam...Err,another side of it, i wish i were at New Zealand or Ausie perhaps..??! Hahahah..Crap!!

Well, the good time just keep on coming,dont they...?? Chill...!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hikayat 110 - Back To Ol' Lame Path...

Howdy guys...

I meant here.. How you guys going..? Owwcay... Sekian lama menyepi kan? Seronok ke begitu..? Not at all..

I said here.. I did'nt get my miracle yet, to bring me back. But, i did get my messy on and on again. [sigh]... Far too long, and its getting hurt again and again..

But as i said once upon a time, i did my blogwalking and leaving footprints as i cant take my finger without typing a single comment.. That will do,huh..?

A lotsa thing came up... I really mean it.. And yet, that's bothering me like hell! But that was life though... The best therapy..?? Well, you know better guys..

Back to ol' lame path...I mean, my path.. Being simple and yet complicated!!

Heydey, enough said...