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Friday, February 19, 2010

hikayat 118 - Lesson #3

"..Always put your family first ..! Never be a back stabber and always put you happiness on the top of it so that you have an aim AND desire; ie you're giong to reach it and most important; believe in it! And eventually, you'll said it many many times to yourself the same old thing at all time - I DID IT.."

Note : Its 19th Februray,2010,.

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday..

May Allah bless you and long live. I know im not such a gOOd dauhgter i've been for the past 25 years back, but the best i can do..Is to make you happy at all time and when you're smile at me whenever i reached home every single weekends and consider it as - homesick!

I dont know how many times and dont even realize if i ever hurt you - with those words and talks and actions. But all i did for all these while is to make you happy and smile.

Long live Dad. I love you. This is the best i can do - Wishing you in my page - and your early call this morning tease my heart and tears are all over my eyes. I love you Dad,again and again, for all my life.

Thanks for those you have done before - till i got here,im 25 and I hope its not too late to appologize for those things i've done before. I love you Dad.Again and again..For all my life.

Enough said.

"..Happy 55th Birthday, my Dad.."



ayampinko said...

epy bfday daddy

Razman said...

msti bapak ko dah nages2 terharu dh ni..

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

ayampinko - on behalf of him,tenkiu..huhuh

razeman - tak la...bapak aku cool..hehehe...

Cik Mawar said...

semoga bapak ekou diberikan kesihatan seperti sedia kala.. amin :D

kawie2020 said...

epi besday daddy... hehehehhehehe