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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"..and When thE timE is cOming.."

yeah, and when the time is right..i know...mybe all of the people outside...are waiting, is waiting..or perhaps, still waiting....

my so-called-frenz a.k.a "the ex+former+boy once said "..penantian tu satu seksa.."..then i told him.."..and that was makes us grow stronger.."..i mean, hey..com'on..life would'nt be so hard, is'nt it...? and ape la makna kehidupan wihtout a piece of challenges??...well..i put a big question mark there..letting people judge how's life wihtout a challege..

Early in May...im having a chit~chat with my besties...and suddenly she make a shock statement that i thought, owhkay..you're just playing around..hahah..but then, it's shocked me damn well..luckily, im able to sit at this seat...! fuhh..

"..ni, aku ade nk bgtau ko sesuatu nih.."

[well, i thougt it was just bout dragon ball...she always make fun of it.."dragon ball ade 10 bijik sume nye...hahahaha.."..(^0^)...oyah, u never change!!]

"..haa, ape die...aku pn ade sesuatu nk bgtau ni.."

[actually, i was just playing fool, coz i dont have any idea...ape lg i nk kelentong minah ni...coz everytime, she manage to trace it..damn!]

"..hmm..cani, hujung bulan ni aku nk bertunang.."

" you what..???!!&%.. are you serious...? don't make fool of me, you know.."
[i was like...gosh..!and by that time, all of our memories whirled around my "memory lane" column...byk persoalan yg intruded in my mind..sangat banyak..!!]
and Im facing the reality...my frenz getting enggage, getting married later on..and the reality is, im still alone....
owhkay...im fine with it...

So, the conversation was only about the story behind the engagement~planning~event....as her besties, i always pray for her best, her happiness and her divine....

And now, when the time is coming, and when the time is right... do we afford to prevent it? or avoid it of happen??
neither me, nor somebody ells out there cant help it...
it's just yourself..
p/s: im taking a leave for her coming event...hehehehehe....

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