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Monday, December 14, 2009

hikayat 82 - When Nature Call..All I Did Was The Best I've Ever Done!

~ Taking emergency leave aproximately a week..Damn!
~ My dad warded at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan
~ Accompanied him...
~ Slept over the damn~hard chair aproximtely 4 nite...yikesss..~!
~ No life at all....Its Hospital man,duh!
~ Being sleepy all day long...fuhhh..
~ Taking bus and long journey,makes me sick..!! Hate that!
~ I think im gonna need a spa rite now..~S***!
~ Gaining weight..!!?! Its F****** eshole!
~ Cash flew all over the week,just like the water....pheww....
~ Being missing by something..either way i dont even know it at all..
~ Miss my mum and dad already...;(
~ Miss my damn blog!! Yeahh..
~ Enough said then...
~ And oww, im waiting for a miracle to come..
~ Hey, Wake up..!!!
~ Did i missed my train..??

Cik Kuna Kunang : Its Life Then...come on.....


i'msosupernotcool said...

so did u miss me??

Razman said...

sje nak ckp, im losing weight. oh yeah.

oranglidi said...

patut a lame x dgr citee

Azalina M.Salleh said...

u be a guds girl n daughter....
welcome back ain..

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

imsosupernotcool - hell yeah i miss you and you cool blog..hehe..

razman - cilake!! hahah..

oranglidi - tu la..gua bz beb.huhuh..

Azalina - yeah..thanks..hehe..

Cik Mawar said...

uit kuna,,,
ni ka kecemasan hari tu
den dok on YM lah
sorry..naper lah tak call ja @ msg
alahai.. den pon dok da kredit masa tu.. :( sorry..

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

Cik Mawar - eh,takpo la..hehe..den tak kesah..tp ayah den kt spital muadzam lagi ni..hmm..