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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

hikayat 100 - The 100th HIkayat - Off The Record And Let Me Go..!!!

Today is my last day for going to work..For the year 2009 la...Giler!! Ingat aku nak benti keje ke wei..? CAne aku nak beli make up kalau tak keje...Hahaha...2009,akan melabuhkan tirai nya.. Go..Away just like that,just like it was yesterday...

I put a lil' line which what was happened over the years.. Which i manage to remember.. Me,myself think that this year brings me lotsa experience,whether good or bad, either its sweet or hurting me. The big Y was just just past and I ain't never gonna face it again,no more..

The year that im counting my day, but the day that im waiting for were never come.. At last, i realized that the curcumstances occured by a reason. And it was spectacular...!! Woww..! Dangg.! This is how my life was on 2009 then..

So yesterday,

The moment I've grab my scroll and finished my study. And i misses my batch [hint to all OM114 student, UiTM Jengka, Pahang!] Damn muchhh..!!
I remember how I walked alone early in a morning,untuk daftar sebagai seorang pekerja baru berStatus "Secretary".
I walked into my so~called~office that i never know what will happen next to me for 2 years onwards.
I shaked hand with my~ex~bos now,telling her that im in all new into this line,so please teach me so i could learn.
And oww,i saw my enviroment around me and i was like "..Envy me,im new! And im single! And you,you and you please dont look down at me,i'll grab my chance follow the flow and walahh! Here i am.."
Until today, im not Somebody.[yet..!] Im just being me.I still stood,being me,in this line,and i felt like "..God has blessed me well for the past 2 years! All i got,and all i have had was the best ever for the past 24 years backwards.."

Like it was yesterday,

"..Hey,You've ruined my life,bitch!..". And until today it was the develish part of my life..!
I've lost my L words a.k.a L.O.v.E a week before my 24th birthday and it was the biggest present i've ever had!
Oww,like i loveeeee the pleaseant suprised you'd gave to me darl, and i'll make you suffer for all of you life off being GUILTY..!
I wasted my 2years of loving him without knowing that he's cheating on me ALIVE then..*sigh*..What a life....~
And, I know you'd suffer enough now...! Serve you right!! Full stop,..;p
Aku tidak berdendam,dan biarlah semua tu menjadi kenangan,cuma aku menitipkan rasa yang aku pendam selama ini.
Even im if im appologizing him that would'nt make things clear and im not TOTALLY FORGET about that!
And i know, Things that happened,was just happened..I live my live now,to the fullest..!!

And it is Today and tomorrow onwards,

My wish list for New Year Coming..
No more broken dreams. No more tears for such stuffy thingy. No more heartbroken.
And i will make my sky always blue and bare to face the gloom..!!
Ain't afraid no more...
Thats the story..
Of 2009..
Good Day
Enough Said.
And the rest was a history..

gOOd bye 2009...!

Hell~Ow 2010....

yada ~ yada..~

Kakuna : I know im not that good of writing. Anyway,Happy New Year ya'all..!! Those yang bercuti kamis ni,jom kita berjimba..Muahahahaha....


triple x malaya said...

tata...2009...slamat datang 2010

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

triple X - heheh..welcome 2010!

hisham said...

ok..i wish moge ape yg u hajatkan akn terlaksana dan dipermudahkan sgale urusan oleh Allah...aminn

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

hisham - hehehe...thanks and insyaallah..hehehe.. u pun same..yayyy...!!

kawie2020 said...

hehehehehe.. selamat tahun baru yer...

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

kawie2020 - hehhee...yeah..hope so...:)