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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hikayat 121 - Damn!! It Was Pathetic...Looser!

Huargghhhh....! Yawning...

Untuk kali ke berapa tak tau.. Tapi,aku sangat mengantok lagi hari ni. Cuaca dan suhu yang panas,membataskan waktu tidur. I'd rather stay and my eyes seems hardly close. And now, my eyes are hardly open!!

For how many times i dont know, I think im being a pathetic looser. It was such a looser. And the story began. This morning, 3 in the morning when i grab my phone ringing for couple of times. I looked at the caller name and i was like ".. Am I dreaming or something..??". I picked up the call. And,the rest was a history...

Damn! For the past half years,i've been through these shit alone, again and again. The more i wanted to forget, the closer He get. And now, he asking for my loyalty and my so-called-forever-in-love-assemble. Im tired to think. Im sick of it!

And the next hour, texting to my BFF, Cik Oyah. All is out and clear. I could'nt even cry. But i felt so damn hurt,inside. Deep in my heart. "..Dont be such a cry baby,you'll learn it someday..". I heard a voice rambles on around my head."..Yeah, indeed..". I said. And for the next 3 hours, i could'nt even close my eyes. It was develish. And Cik Oyah was right,at time. She always be my angle. She think a lot as much as I am. She want the best for her BFF,ie; ME in the future.

Hmm..Seems like, I need a lotsa time onwards. Tak tahu ape yang bakal berlaku, tapi for the good things coming, let it all be the good things. For the sake of my future then.

And the rest was a history. Enough said.


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