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Thursday, March 29, 2012

hikayat 235 - C O N G R A T E S to newly wed~

Sabtu, 24 March 2012 was Nadia's reception. And i could'nt believe that she was just married! Like seriously, mase we olls bujang-bujang dulu, selalu jugak hang out sama-sama. When there was a time that we all had a late dinner at KL, hooding around here and there, and it was like sekejap nye..? Eh, die dah kawin? Eh..? And last year punye puasa, the most memorable sebab kitorang enjoyed cooking and sahur together kat rumah Aza and pergi terawikh pon bersama.

By the time i reached dengan En. Sahlan together with June, the brides tengah bersanding wearing a glowing gold like assemble and a stunning make up that overall changing her face totally. Damn she's gorgeous~ Really. Ok, noted here that muka beliau adalah iras Pretty Zinta. I tell you that~ And tengah-tengah aku makan, they heading to salin baju dah for potong kek.

Jadi saya pon menyelit di sebelah beliau. kih kih kih

Ambil berkat katanya......Dah berapa ramai pengantin pon yang saya amik berkat pon tak tahu lah. Semoga ini kali, beroleh la keberkatan dari Nya. Amin......

Ni tengah semak dan samun dalam kepala ni. hahahahahaa...bile nak kasi tebas..??!


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