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Thursday, October 20, 2011

hikayat 203 - Try To Learn A Lesson.

I dont know but lately it feels like homeyyyy sangat.... Sangat homeyy so im going back to my hometown this coming weekend. Couple of days left and i cant wait. By the way, my En. Bos sudah pon habis dengan challenge meeting beliau. And everything went well,as he said that our performances is greattt and yada yada yada~... Fine. Im start to love my employerrrrr now... Over tak..?? hehhehe....!!

But to be truth, nobody get what my boss's meant. Mybe aku ni bukan lah seorang yang penting for this area but as a PA im so that important to my Boss. So, as an employee a.k.a ORANG PEMAKAN GAJI, what ever, comes no matter what, we are professional towards our task and our job. And, even there's thousands reason for being here i.e ko keje untuk bayar hutang bank, ko keje sini sebab takde choice sbb tempat lain kilang keje macam bangla, ko kerja sini for your family sake (those who are married) , ko kerja sini for bayar installment kereta or beli make up, and even you worked here for fun,bole suke-suke in-out anytime! Fine... That is your life. Who bothers?

But kerja is kerja lahhh, kawannn.... Jangan la because of ko tak dapat nafkah kebatinan malam tadi, terus buat muka komot-komot masuk ofis kawannn.. Takkan sebab bini/laki mintak beli iphone atau galaxy tab ko dah runsing sebab nak memenuhi nafsu tak sedar diri pasangan..Sebab kene tegur sikit dengan superior, terus marked and rebel. Tak nak cakap dengan orang tu, tak nak cooperate dengan orang tu,and even tak nak dengar lansung any opinion from your superior. Kemon... Kemon...

Kerja tu kan satu IBADAH? If you dont like him/her likewise macam nak terajang je muke, but nawaitu pergi kerja kena la betul. Kerja is Kerja la kawann.... Damnn~~ Im not talking as I am very good and true and true all over but puhlisssss... Be professional. Everybody did make mistake. So do I. So, cant you just say SORRY? Is that hard?

And, to conclude.. Nobody's going to believe in you. No one is referring to you anymore. And even worst, your Boss are looking down at you and tell " you gain for nothing and you just fooling yourself by your attitude " . Ouchhh~ That's hurt, i tell you that!!

Learn a Lesson, please. Yet,nobody's perfect. Tak salah kalau kita nak ilmu form other people and ask from them. Malu bertanya,sesat la jalan. Dah sesat, bawak pulak orang2 innocent sekali sesat. Bangkai tak...??

And satu lagi, respect others if you want others to respect you!


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