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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

hikayat 212 - New Year, New Post, New Resolution, New Life

I know its been awhile that im not posting anything about my life these few months, in addition about new year. I mean, this new year 2012. Duh~ I know its kinda lame to post about but sometime i let it deep down in my heart. Idea tu memang ada, but the thing is sometime i have to put it aside as ''..biarlah, nanti-nanti la post..' so it is delayed as my memory is in low low low condition. Bukan macam komputer yang bole di retrieve balik, but then its okay.

Enough of that. For me, new resolution this year brings me to some kind of situation where as I have to struggle out and being beyond my capabilities to work work work damn hard to kumpul duit! Yes! I have to saving, I have to be so cermat berbelanja so at the end of it im not regretting for the whole life sebab tak bekerja keras and tak berjimat cermat, you got what i mean.

Tahun ni sangat mencabar okey! Terrrsangat! Because, as I am engaged last September, this year is super huge responsibility upon my wedding ceremony. I know, I know. Semua orang cakap ''Alah, buat biasa-biasa je. Tak yah buat besar2..". Tak kurang jugak, buat mane yang termampu je, tapi jangan la simple sangat sampai kenduri pon takde.. Ok,I appreciated those advises and opinion. Thank you so much as only God boleh membalasnye.

For me, biar simple asalkan it will looks gorgeous and sweet. Mind my words there, gorgeous and sweet. Simple? Yes, as simple as i am afford to, bukan takde kenduri lansung hokey....And gorgeous and sweet? Yup, because I want to keep those memory of mine last forever. Gorgeous tu takdelah sampai make up macam sakai je,sebab tu disertakan the word Sweet. Hew hew hew...

Well, I pray for that. Pray for everything will get smoot, as smooth as I finally can take a breath and say Alhamdulillah.. Whatever it is, lets Allah swt tentukan segalanya, Insyaallah..We human hanya merancang. Its not like kita tak bole nak buat pilihan, but the end of it we live with the choice we have made. And its clear...

Owh, for those yang akan melansungkan perkahwinan, I wish congratulation. Bahahahahaha... Like seriously, aku pon seriauuu jugak hokey... Ngeee~~


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