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Monday, April 12, 2010

hikayat 128 - Redang Island - A Place To Stop. Part I ~ Upon Arrival

Salam and howdy guys and bloggers...

As promissed, the journey to Redang Island was brought to you for those who loves the natural beauty and peace inside,through and through...

This part, im just bringing you the arrival part whereby the journey takes about 6 - 8 hours approximately! Damn,its tiring even though im not driving..Ahahaha...But, a long distance would never be forget,any of it forever because we were so damn excited to reach the point ie Redang Island!

Enjoy the view...! ;)

[Why so serious..? Ngee...;p..We stopped by at Kel's Food~or what so ever at Gombak-Selayang,if i not mistaken. Membincangkan masalah negara i guess. Me and my homie,Ezza..;)]

[upon arrival ~ Jeti Marang. This is not exactly the place where we're going to take our boat. Unfortunately,wrong place from wrong info. By the way,we're enjoying roti canai and teh tarik there. It's cheap,cheap cheap and tasty and good..Weeee...;)]

[Ready to take off ~ At Jeti Kuala Merang. This is where we're taking our small boat and being transfered to speed boat,i guess. Err,im afraid that i will get 'mabuk laut' but,fortunately..im not! Yeayy..just a lil' bit dizzy inside and overall was damn cool ..!!]

[At last ~ Upon arrival at Jeti Mutiara Beach Resort, Redang Island. Time ni semua dah get excited (actually dari atas bot lagi semua dah mcm cacing kepanasan! Ahahah..)]

[Ape-ape pun, lompat itu penting! Acara wajib nih..~This is how we made this for real, our trademark..!. Yikess..!]

[There you goes ~ The Backpacker was here!! Seriously,i was so damn excited!!]

[We've reached the chalet. Gaya macam artis je pulak. Ahahahaah..But what's wrong with my homie..? Die cari laki die la tuh.heheheh..]

To be continued........;)

[This one i would never,ever forget. Will miss this big time,hands downn...........;)]



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